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A message from Homezelo Founder, Karen Addato.

I got my license to do mortgage loans and real estate back in 1995. I’ve closed 1,000’s of loans over the years. I know all of what goes on behind the scenes and can tell you that one can easily fall into snares along the way if they don’t align with the right professional.  Interest rate is important but if you are dealing with a 1-800 type lender 3500 miles away or an inexperienced agent when you are facing a lock expiration, problem conditions, delays and other such less than desirable challenges you may be in for a lot more stress than you bargained for and that super low rate you were quoted may end up being something very different.

Finding an expert that has insight based on experience that knows the ropes, can look at your tax returns on day one when you submit a loan app and have them be able to tell you where the issues may arise with underwriting or be able to really understand your credit report and what will come up as potential conditions overall later in the process. This is valuable assistance that could make or break whether or not you can actually buy that new home or close on that refinance.  Seasoned professionals that work full time in the industry.  So while rate is important..what should get equal attention is who you partner with.

Hopefully Homezelo can help you connect with pros like this, so you can have a smooth transaction with the rate you expected that closes on time, although that can never be guaranteed finding the right pro from the start with increase the chances of that happening.